International Dental Lab

We Specialize in PFM over implant !!
Welcome to Master Ma Auto Service 欢迎光临马师傅修车
Auto Academy Graduate 中国汽车工业大学毕业
Automotive Repair of the highest quality 最高质量的汽车维修
Free Computer Test 免费计算机测试
Check Engine light 检查发动机灯
To answer those questions regarding maintenance, operation, Repair malfunction etc. also provide expertise suggestion and reasonable quote 解答这些有关维护操作,维修故障测试等常识,并提供内行的建议和合理的估价
If necessary, will provide substitute vehicle. you are welcome to inquiry and check it out 如果需要可提供備用車輛.歡迎查詢光臨,
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